Plenary Prayer Campaign – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Plenary Document Reflection

Instrumentum Laboris

2. As a community of faith, we are all engaged in the challenging task of trying to understand what it means to belong to the Catholic Church in Australia at this particular moment in our history and what God is asking of us as his Church now and into the future. We are, in other words, seeking to “listen to what the Spirit is saying”.

35. There is a great richness in the gifts brought by Catholics from diverse cultural backgrounds, who often contribute a strong faith commitment and transmit the Gospel both publicly and privately.

41. Catholic schools make a significant impact as they educate more than 750,000 students. As “places of evangelisation, formation, and enculturation”,[1] they allow students and teachers to explore and experience the Catholic faith tradition.

68. At the heart of Christian faith is a personal and living relationship with the “Word [made] flesh” (John 1:14), present and active in all creation. This personal encounter with the incarnate, crucified, and risen Lord, who meets us in the power of his Spirit and renews all things with the abundance of life (John 10:10), transforms the lives of both individual believers and of faith communities.

77. Jesus Christ, who is himself the Good News (euangélion) and the “greatest Evangeliser”,[2] draws into his mission all those who respond in faith to his Gospel and its proclamation of the presence of the kingdom or reign of God within creation.

115. This concept of ‘walking together’[3] implies a common journey in which the faithful respond to God’s call and come to see their experiences in the light of faith, within the whole body of the Church and according to the Holy Spirit, so that new horizons for Christ’s mission become open and effective.

147. The National Consultation and recent Church documents also highlight the need for…  support for the newly married and young families in their efforts to pass on the faith amidst many competing voices and social influences.[4]

193. As people of faith we believe that, through the gift of his Church, the Lord has equipped us, and continues to equip us, to recognise the needs of our time and set ourselves to doing something about them.

Reflection Question

How can we support young people and others whose faith is challenged by cultural norms?