Plenary Prayer Campaign – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Plenary Document Reflection

Instrumentum Laboris

15. The response of Mary reveals her courage, her faith, her humility, and her openness to God’s will, no matter the cost. If we, the Catholic community in Australia, can emulate Mary’s response then we can trust that the presence of the Word-made-flesh will be recognised more clearly by the communities and societies in which we live and which we seek to serve. We will be the sacrament of communion with God and of unity among all people that the Lord is calling us to be.[1]

203. Mary bore her sufferings with great strength and an unwavering faith in the goodness, mercy, and compassion of God.

 Humble, Healing & Merciful

Perhaps ‘Thomas’ represents our Church today. A Church struggling to hold on to faith, hope, and love. A Church that wants to believe and move forward but needs to witness first-hand Jesus in his Paschal glory through the witness of persons who have been wounded, yet through faith and life in the Spirit, have been transformed and healed and are on a journey of restoration.[2]

God is inviting the Church to “reach out your hand and put it into my side” by listening to the stories of those who have been wounded, by standing alongside and caring for those suffering. (p.11)

 Reflection Question

What steps can the Plenary Council propose to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of the Church’s proclamation and faith formation for all people?

Universal Prayer Petition

We pray for all the Plenary Council Members who are preparing for the First Assembly in October, that they will be attentive to the heartfelt hopes voiced in the initial consultations.
(Pause for silent prayer)
Lord, hear us.


While being conscious of the work to be done, we also have much to be thankful for. There are many signs of hope in that members of the faithful persevere with the practice of the faith and are living their commitment to love of neighbour in myriad ways.  (Instrumentum Laboris n. 65)

[1] Vatican Council II, Lumen Gentium, n. 1.
[2] Jane Dowling, Presentation to the Plenary Council DWG meeting, 1 February 2020.