The Alpha Journey in Darwin is in full swing!
A local Darwin Parish is halfway through another incredible Alpha adventure, and it’s been nothing short of amazing! 🌈✨
A huge shoutout to the dedicated leaders who are making this program possible, and a heartfelt thanks to all the participants who said “YES” to this formative experience. 🙌🙏
“The atmosphere in this year’s Alpha has been one of wholehearted uptake from the on average 40 participants.” 🌟 – shared by one of our devoted lay leaders. 🗣️
“At the start, participants were curious and uncertain, but fast forward six weeks into the journey, and we see them fully invested, growing, and some even openly sharing their changed perspectives on God, Faith, and Church.” 🌱 – another inspiring insight from one of our lay leaders. 🌠
This journey is a testament to the power of prayer, questions, community, faith, and open hearts. Let’s continue to pray and uplift one another as we walk this path of discovery and formation together. 🤗❤️