The annual retreat for the young people at Wadeye concluded on October 9th
The annual retreat for the young people at Wadeye concluded on October 9th, and it was a great success!
Approximately 35-40 participants stayed at Wumidim, an outstation located about a 30-minute drive from Wadeye. Wumidim is occasionally used by local families and provided essential facilities such as a shed, toilets, water supply, and solar panels for lighting.
On Saturday, additional people joined for healing prayer and Reconciliation, bringing the total attendance to over 50 individuals.
Sr. Therese Mills MGL and her team collaborated closely with local leaders and emerging leaders. We are thrilled to witness the emergence of new leaders within the community.
The retreat team played a crucial role during these days, and Sr. Therese and her helpers formed meaningful relationships. Their dedication and commitment were truly admirable.
Over the weekend, Fr. Leo joined Fr. Shehan for the concluding Mass.
The Bush retreat has been a tradition for over a decade now, with retreats conducted in 10 different outstations. It’s remarkable that many still remember the themes of previous retreats!
This year’s retreat centered around the words of the Samaritan woman at the well to Jesus: “Sir, give me that living water.”
By hosting the retreat in different locations each year, we ensure that people from that specific region are more involved and connected to the retreat.
These days hold immense significance in the life of our Parish and continue to be a source of spiritual growth and community bonding. 🙏🌿