The Eternal Question: What Happens When We Die? 

In the heart of Alice Springs, Harry poses a question that has captivated humanity for millennia: What happens to us when we die? It is a question that touches on our deepest fears and hopes, our understanding of existence, and our place in the universe. 

Bishop Charles offers a perspective grounded in the teachings of Jesus. He draws a parallel between Jesus’ resurrection and the broader understanding of what might await us after death. For Bishop, Jesus’ death and resurrection serve as a beacon, illuminating God’s intentions for humanity. 

“Jesus died and rose again, becoming a human being to help us understand God’s plan for us,” Bishop explains. “The message of Jesus, His teachings, and the wisdom passed down by His church provide me with clarity. They help me comprehend that when we die, it is not the end of who we are. Instead, it’s a continuation of our journey, moving on to be with God and with each other.” 

This perspective suggests that death is not a finality but rather a transition—a next chapter in our existence. It implies that our essence, our spirit, continues to live on, connecting us with others and with God eternally.  

Bishop’s words resonate with a sense of hope and continuity. They suggest that there is more to our existence than what meets the eye, and that the teachings of Jesus can guide us in understanding this profound mystery.  

Harry’s question, simple yet profound, opens a dialogue that transcends religious boundaries and taps into universal human curiosity. It reminds us that, regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds, the quest to understand life, death, and our place in the cosmos is a journey we all share. 

As we ponder these age-old questions, we can find comfort in Bishop’s words and the teachings of Jesus, which offer a perspective of hope, unity, and eternal connection. 

For those grappling with questions about God, existence, and the wonders of creation, Bishop and Cathcroc extend an invitation to reach out.  


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