Uncovering the Fascinating World of the Order of Malta

Here’s a puzzler for you: What institution boasts a 910-year history, encompasses 13,500 members globally, serves in hospitals and medical facilities worldwide, engages in humanitarian endeavors, once boasted an army and navy, and counts numerous saints and blessed among its ranks?

Meet the remarkable and unexpected Order of Malta, a unique facet of our own Catholic Church, actively engaged in the Northern Territory! This lay religious order, welcoming both men and women, married and single, is deeply involved in various charitable activities across Australia. From operating soup kitchens, aiding the homeless, and documenting the life stories of the terminally ill to fostering Catholic education centered on reasoned discourse instead of armed conflict.

Their support extends to running a prominent medical facility in Timor Leste. Each year, many embark on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in France, seeking spiritual solace and healing, especially for the elderly and infirm who join the journey.

Identifiable by their iconic 8-pointed cross, symbolizing the 8 beatitudes they strive to embody, the Order of Malta invites volunteers of all ages to contribute to their noble cause.

Paul Maher

Order of Malta