Voice to Parliament

My dear brothers and sisters,

As Australians, we are at a very important time reflecting on the Voice to Parliament. I will not tell anyone how to vote, but it is my responsibility as Bishop to encourage you all to be reflective in the light of our faith and Catholic Social Teachings: the Common Good and the Dignity of all People.

We need the ongoing journey of reconciliation and healing. Whatever happens with the Voice will not solve all the issues, we are all on the Journey Together. Let’s make sure we are informed, and to see which is the best way forward for dignity and respect for all.

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council (NATSICC) has launched a new website called “One Journey, Together” for Catholics to learn about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament: www.indigenousvoice.church. The website hosts stories and anecdotes from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, Catholic figures and Catholic organisations.

The website hosts messages from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and community members, Bishops and other religious leaders and statements from Catholic organisations on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament to support the Catholic community to vote in a way that aligns with their Catholic values. The website also has a range of activities and resources for parishes, including a prayer and a kitchen table activity, to support people to deepen their understanding of the referendum and empower them with practical tools for meaningful action.

For more resources please visit: www.indigenousvoice.church.

For the Uluru Statement from the Heart please visit: https://ulurustatement.org/the-statement/

To view the Indigenous Voice representing a significant stride towards empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and the video of NATSICC Chairperson John Lochowiak and Fr Frank Brennan, please visit https://bit.ly/42gqkcw.