What is it like to be a Bishop?

Avini’s question, “What is it like to be a Bishop?” is a fantastic one!

Cathcroc reached out to Bishop for the lowdown, and here’s what he shared: First and foremost, a Bishop is essentially a Priest. Now, a Priest’s calling is quite special – it’s all about love, care, and helping people understand the message of Jesus. But, when you step into the Bishop’s shoes, you’re not just a Priest anymore. You become the leader of the priests. So, one of the most critical responsibilities a Bishop has is taking care of all our Priests.

But, it’s not just about the Priests! Bishop emphasised that it’s about all the incredible people in our Diocese – that’s everyone in our wonderful community.
Speaking of his experience, Bishop mentioned that he finds immense joy in this role. Of course, there are moments when it gets a bit tiring because there’s so much to do. But overall, Bishop absolutely loves what he does. Why? Because it’s all about love and care. It’s about showing people love, just as God loves all of us!
So, in a nutshell, being a Bishop is a unique journey of love, care, and spreading the message of love and hope.

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CathCroc is an animated character brought to life by the Diocese of Darwin, designed to engage children and address their questions through the insights of Bishop Charles Gauci.