The Bible is a rich tapestry of religious and historical texts, but have you ever wondered why it doesn’t include more about the rest of the world? Alvin from Alice Springs posed this intriguing question, prompting a thoughtful discussion with Bishop.

In response, Bishop pointed out that the Bible indeed mentions various countries, but it wasn’t meant to encompass every nation on Earth. The Bible’s content is a product of its human authors, who wrote under divine inspiration. Their words reflect their understanding of the world at the time, shaped by their own experiences and knowledge.

The essential message of the Bible, however, transcends geographical boundaries. It is a message of God’s love, care, and universal relevance. The scriptures are not confined to one or two nations; they are intended for all people, irrespective of their location or background.

So, while the Bible may not provide an exhaustive global geography lesson, it does offer a timeless message that speaks to the hearts and minds of individuals worldwide. The universality of its teachings remains a cornerstone of faith for countless people across the globe.