Why can’t Priests get married?

Blake, from Alice Springs, has posed an intriguing question for Cathcroc: “Why can’t Priests get married?”

In the latest video, Cathcroc delves into this thought-provoking question with the guidance of Bishop!

Bishop imparts his wisdom: Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. Priests, much like Bishop, devote their lives to serving God and His people. They spread love and care to many, akin to the affection of a devoted husband and father. Notably, Jesus Himself chose not to marry, allowing Him to focus on extending His love and care to all.

Here’s the intriguing part: Priests yearn to extend their love to all! Were they to have families, time might become a constraint. Hence, they opt to spread their love and care to all, embracing each like a cherished family member.

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CathCroc is an animated character brought to life by the Diocese of Darwin, designed to engage children and address their questions through the insights of Bishop Charles Gauci.